The purpose of the Churn Process is to ensure all appropriate parties within Trimble are notified and all necessary follow up actions are completed.

  1. The Risk process has been completed, and it is determined that a cancellation will be initiated

  2. CX confirms the Customer’s cancellation eligibility, terms, and the cancellation effective date

    1. Check Customer Master Board

    2. If the information is not present, locate the Customer’s current contract (Master Subscription Agreement) and any add-ons

      1. Check NetSuite, and Shared Google Drives ("Proposals," and "Scanned")

    3. If the cancellation request meets the conditions of the contract

      1. Update the Churn Board

        1. Customer Name

        2. Contract Start Date

        3. Contract End Date

        4. Contract Prior Notice Requirement

        5. Cancellation Request/Notify Date

        6. Cancellation Effective Date

    4. If the cancellation request is outside of the contract terms

      1. Escalate the request to [TBD] for resolution    

  3. CX opens a Freshdesk ticket with the following template (template needs to be created in Freshdesk, first)

    1. Contact: The email address of the person opening the ticket

    2. Add CC: [Accounting], [DevOps], [BI], [Sales], other?

    3. Subject line: “Cancellation Order: [Customer Name]”

    4. 1st Problem Type: Licensing

    5. 1st Specific Issue: Other

    6. Group: CX

    7. Description:

      1. Cancellation Order for [Customer Name]

      2. Effective Date:

      3. Product: [All that apply]

      4. Actions

        1. Accounting: Update NetSuite. Reply to this ticket when completed

        2. Support: Update Client Center, Trimble Learn, and licenses as needed. Reply to this ticket when completed

        3. DevOps: Disable DRTrack site [enter url here]. Reply to this ticket when completed

        4. BI: Disable ETL and other licenses/services as appropriate. Reply to this ticket when completed

        5. [TBD]: Update the DRTrack Site Inventory source of truth. Reply to this ticket when completed 

    8. Complete the remaining fields as appropriate/needed

  4. CX updates the Churn Board with the FD ticket number

  5. Once all actions in the ticket have been completed, CX closes the ticket and updates the Churn Board