The demo instance of SmartDelivery is available to use for familiarisation and training. 

Detailed instructions are listed below: 

You can access the portal at :

Example users (for US/Indianapolis) be aware that there are different users for each Country/City

     User: aaneon

     Password: PreCom4!

Client to be used, can be downloaded from here:

Scroll down to (Trimble Maps support" and Click on the link APK, or below link:

Download the app to your device (e.g. click on the link from your Android device), save the file in e.g downloads, open a file browser app, goto downloads, click on app to install   

Install APK (you need to approve installation)

  • Enter company/instance:  demosales  
  • Use username: safles  (additional onces available in the PDF)
  • Password: PreCom4! (Same for all users) 
  • Above user have jobs located in US/Indianapolis
  • Maps have to manually be downloaded for CoPilot, start Navigation from Main Menu.

As part of the installation enter "demosales" as the company/tenant ID.

Additional instructions:

Users and barcodes for testing can be found here: 


Data is cleared in server every day, recommend that the device is manually cleared as well  if you test during several days. This can easily be done by selecting the settings-icon from the login-page and select “Change Company”, then enter “ demosales   ” again + the login credentials above.