Customer: Byrne Dairy



Type of Business (description):

Dairy Distributor HQ’d in NY – operate under 4 brands.  

  1. Byrne Dairy

  2. Ultra Dairy

  3. Byrne Hollow Farm

  4. Syracuse Cold Storage

  • 10 DCs, 83 Routes

  • Service Area includes NY State and Metro and New England

Today, Byrne Dairy is a fourth generation, family-owned producer and distributor of Greek Yoghurt, Conventional Yogurt, Sour Cream, Milk, Cream, Ice Cream and a variety of other dairy products. Based in Central New York, with its abundant supply of high quality milk, Byrne Dairy works with local family farms. Byrne Dairy’s average farm is only 35 miles from it’s plants where they receive around 50 million pounds of milk each month. Strong relationships with their farmers has been a cornerstone of Byrne Dairy’s business lasting through generations and bonded by handshakes not contracts.


Byrne Dairy currently has four manufacturing facilities including a Fresh Dairy Plant and Ice Cream Plant located in Syracuse, N.Y, an Ultra High Temperature (UHT) Pasteurization Plant in DeWitt, N.Y., and a Cultured Plant located in Cortlandville, N.Y.


Byrne Dairy has additional plans for their new Cultured Plant and overall 133 acre site in Cortlandville, N.Y. Future plans include an artisanal cheese making operation, tourist facility to allow the public to view the manufacturing process, and an outdoor amphitheater for concerts and other gatherings.

Number of sites:

10 DCs

Primary Support Contact name, email, and phone:

Primary Accounting Contact name, email, and phone:

Scott Smith – Primary Contact

General Manager Sales and Distribution

Syracuse 240 Oneida Street 13202 (where training will be heald)

Mike Harrison – Analyst



Customer Model:

  • DSD:  Dairy

Sales Cycle Length:

  • 4 months

Was there a POC or Sales Engineering Project?

  • No

Phases discussed during Pre-Sale

  • Strategic Planning for fixed route creation

Goals of each Phase

Anticipated Time-to-Value

Appian products used:

Type of Use:

  • Analyst:  Re-route Analyst - Daily Orders

Type of routing:

How often do they route?

  • N/A – Analyst Only 

Where will DR be installed?

  • TP/SP/DR will likely be installed on a server

Operating System

How often do they pull orders?

  • N/A

Number of licenses purchased:

  • DR – even though analyst only, I did price based on operational with trucks and users to make the opportunity size larger…

  • TP

  • SP

How many users?


Interfacing with another system?

  • No





Ross - AS400

Uploading back to ERP? How often?

  • N/A

GPS Provider:


GPS Device:

D2Link Provider Name:

DRTrack Hosting:

DRTrack URL:

Products interfacing with DRTrack: (OMM)

Notes from Sales Cycle:  

  • They believe they had bought Appian a long time ago, but from what Scott remembers, he could never make it work because he says at the time they had a combination of fixed and dynamic runs.  They also ran pedal sales back then.  The real issue was they were trying to use the software to build fixed routes when they didn’t have fixed routes.

  • They were referred to us by Balford.  Their primary interest and need is Strategic planning

  • We demoed the end to end solution and while they really like the concept of using fixed route mgmt for daily routing with Dispatch and reporting, they don’t want to bite off more than they can chew so they want to focus on strategic planning first and then re-visit operational routing down the road.  

  • Their routes are fixed and all orders are pre-sold 

  • Drop slightly in Summer but IceCream business picks up so they remain pretty consistent throughout the year

  • Want to be able to evaluate scenarios such as optimal DC i.e. Should we be running this out of Rochester vs. Syracuse.  Should we consider closing DCs, etc.



Route reduction

Depot reduction

Are there parts of our business that we can consolidate

6 month re-route cadence.  Plan on having a centralized resource who would manage the re-routes

Today using tribal knowledge - Each DC does their own re-routes and sends them to Scott and Paul for review.  

Post Implementation Notes:  In this latest iteration (Dec 2019 to April 2020)

we moved them to modified fixed routing … build fixed routes with them making daily adjustments.  This was done because of significant drop in volume they had experienced.  Most significant issue was working with their Order Entry group to get a daily order file with the appropriate data.  From there mostly a matter of refreshing DR knowledge they had obtained previously.

Sales Documents Included: