Legacy Cabinets



Type of Business (description):

Cabinet Manufacturer 

Number of sites:


Primary Support Contact name, email, and phone:

Joey Loveless – Transportation Manager         (Joey is lead person for our team.)

Marsha Ewing -  also in Transportation        

Lori Carroll – VP Transportation                      

Bryan Hall  -  VP Info. Technology                   

Bob Goudy  -  IT Manager                                 


Customer Model:


Sales Cycle Length:

  • 4 months

Was there a POC or Sales Engineering Project?

  • No
  • No

Phases discussed during Pre-Sale

  • As shown in Proposal

Goals of each Phase

  • Phase 1 – Implement DirectRoute

Anticipated Time-to-Value

  • Transp Cost reduction 
  • Reduced route management time

Appian products used:

  • DirectRoute

Type of Use:

  • Operational:  Dynamic with Static Cust

Type of routing:

  • Combo

How often do they route?

  • Once a day

Where will DR be installed?

  • Server 

Operating System


How often do they pull orders?

  • Daily at closing

Number of licenses purchased:

One with 2 users 

How many users?


Interfacing with another system?







Nucleus by Lynux server old system from the 70's


They will be writing the interface for export and import

Uploading back to ERP? How often?

  • Yes, after routing each set. 

GPS Provider:


GPS Device:


D2Link Provider Name:


DRTrack Hosting:


DRTrack URL:


Products interfacing with DRTrack: (OMM)


Notes from Sales Cycle:  


They purchased RN and it will not work in their environment. Roadnet has been sending trucks to the Colorado, Wyoming area, then if there is room on the truck, it is adding an order for Portland, Maine over 1,000 miles away. DR will be replacing RN.   They run about 80 loads per week and have 55 trucks.  



Over half of loads are “multi drops”, and deliver to around 40 of the 48 states.  Need Direct Route to handle calculating and optimizing multiple loads. In other words, needs it keep orders from the same customer together until a trailer is filled, and then keep the remainder of loads that are as close by geography.  


 cabinet manufacturer.  Each cabinet has a “cube” volume.  Each of our trailers holds a maximum of 3,100 cubes. 



Sales Documents Included:  

Proposal is on file in usual place




Notes from Implementation


Most of the routing and work with Direct Route will be done by Stephanie Finch 


Legacy Cabinet will be uploading data back to their ERP (Nucleus). 


Unfortunately, Legacy Cabinets did NOT want to work parallel with implementation team after their Direct Route training. Legacy Cabinets has told when comparing their old way of manual routing vs Direct Route, it produces the same results. 


Legacy Cabinet used to have Roadnet for a few months and keep getting Roadnet and Direct Route mixed up. 


Currently Legacy Cabinets is consolidating by ID1, they went back and forth on either ID1 / consolidating by address. Legacy decided to go with the ID1 since they make deliveries in strip malls and those deliveries would have to separate. 


Legacy Cabinets decided not to go with building a customer master. All delivery times, patterns, fixed time, etc will be apply with Direct Route defaults in pre-processing. 


Legacy Cabinets would be a great candidate for DRTrack. This would help them eliminate all the extra “files”. Legacy also pushes orders to other “sets” and DRTrack could keep those in the cloud in unloaded orders. 

Right now Legacy Cabinets will be leaving them as unloaded stops or loading on routes in Direct Route but those orders wont ship. Then will copy and paste those orders from the stop file to the next “set” of orders that need to be routed.