Type of Business (description):

Brick and Mortar sporting goods/apparel company.  DSD (serving their own stores)

Number of sites:

Analyst: they have a private fleet of 30 trucks that service their 750 stores, while remaining 300 stores are serviced by 3rd party

Primary Support Contact name, email, and phone:




For install:

Chesla Loyde

Information Technology Project Manager

Hibbett Sporting Goods, Inc.

Office: 205.912.7358


For support:

Wanda Duvel

Director of Logistics




Customer Model:

  • DSD:  General Retail

Sales Cycle Length:

  • 2 years

Was there a POC or Sales Engineering Project?

  • Steve Kalnitzky

Phases discussed during Pre-Sale

  • Want to use our tools to replace Roadshow for master re-routes that they do a few times/yr

Anticipated Time-to-Value

  • 1 mo

Appian products used:

  • DR, RP

Type of Use:


Type of routing:

Static (analyst)

How often do they route?

A few times / yr

Where will DR be installed?


How often do they pull orders?


Number of licenses purchased:

2 analysts

How many users?

2 analysts

Interfacing with another system?

Will drop data into flat file







Uploading back to ERP? How often?

Possibly…only a few times/yr

GPS Provider:


GPS Device:


D2Link Provider Name:


DRTrack Hosting:


DRTrack URL:


Products interfacing with DRTrack: (OMM)

Flat file, might push routes to ERP once updated

Notes from Sales Cycle:  

Basic DSD analyst usage (master re-routes a few times / yr)



Notes from Kelly from the Implementation to Support Handoff 

-          Using Direct Route and Resource Pro for Driver Bids on routes, these routes become static for the driver for a 6 month  period

-          Reroutes occur to balance routes due to store opening/closures or volume changes

-          Private Fleet – approx. 30 drivers – almost all long haul, with multiple layovers and most have 2 routes in the weekly cycle

-          Driver compensation package based on Stop/Drop count and Store volume size (pieces)

-          1000 plus delivery locations – 90% are direct store delivery – M-F, 0730-1900

-          Replicated their existing routes to establish “Baseline” for configuration and preferences

-          Using Time Zone feature for more accuracy on arrival and departure time ETA’s

-          They currently do Back Hauls with their trucks to pick up product from suppliers

-          Looking to increase BH through an outside bid process (broker type)