Customer Name


Kyle Ganote; Implementation Support by Tye Lofts; Zack Whiting

Type of Business (description):

Gardening – Closed loop delivery with Retail stores

Number of sites:

8 branches/shipping locations

Primary Support Contact (name, email, and phone)

Chance Murphy – Network Administrator

Customer Model:

  • DSD:  General Retail

Project Folder Files and Paths?

  • N/A

Phases Completed

  • Phase 1 – On site visit by Kyle, Tye, and Zack on August 6th-7th, 2019. Main focus was to resolve issues using OIS. Also helped set up DRTrack, including: (8) branches, imported both the customer and truck master, and trained on how to build routes each day.
  • Phase 2 – A weekly call was set for each Wednesday for (8) weeks. First call was 08/13/19; last call on 10/01/19. During this call we discussed various challenges the team faced and how to resolve.
  • Phase 3 – Seville team is now live on the system and is using DRTrack for all 8 branches as of 10/01/19.

Achieved Time-to-Value

  • N/A

Appian products used:

  • DRTrack

Type of Use:

  • Operational:  Dynamic with Static Cust

Type of routing:

  • Dynamic

How often do they route?

  • Once a day

Where is DR installed?

  • N/A

What DR Version

  • N/A

DRTrack Version

  • 2019.1.0.7

Operating System

  • N/A

Self Hosted/Cloud Info

  • N/A

DRTrack Website/Credentials

How often are orders pulled

  • Daily

Unique Infrastructure Notes:

  • Seville utilizes custom export utility for DRTrack data exports

# of licenses purchased/users

  • DRTrack – up to 20 trucks; Additional 10 trucks

license #

  • N/A

Interface w/another system?

  • No


  • Sage X3

Uploading to ERP/how often?

  • Yes, Seville uses a custom export utility to extract data from DRTrack each day to import into Sage X3

Notes from Implementation:  

  • Additional in-depth, remote training was provided on 09/03/19 to all 8 branches and users. Seville has a router on-site at each branch who handles the creation of their daily dynamic routes.
  • I talked with Chance Murphy, Ross Gentis, and James Tipton on 11/14/19 about transitioning to support and they noted they had no ongoing issues with the system and were ready to go.

Customer Lifecycle Notes: