Harvey Building Products - MA

Project Sponsors

  • Jeff Ribeiro - VP of IT
  • Dan Salerno - Ops

Currently owned by PE

New President is driving this project

35 Branches, 2 manufacturing plants

163 trucks (see attached list by branch)

Distributor and manufacturer of siding, roofing, gutters, etc.

Focus for this project is the Distribution side of the business

Residential/job-site deliveries

End customer is the remodeler/builder


High-Level Goals

  • Reduce empty miles
  • Reduce Branch overlap
  • Centralize routing in the future 
  • Better customer communication
  • Develop and measure KPIs


Routing Process

  • Contractor typically calls the branch and asks for availability
  • Branch Mgr or WH Mgr provides confirmation
  • Using Bins to manage the schedule/routes
  • Route typically run between 7-4:30pm
  • Their terminology is First Stop, Morning, Afternoon and Anytime
  • Typically start loading the trucks day before at 4pm
  • Process very similar to what we typically see in the Pro-dealer space
  • Majority of stops are unattended


Purchased Modules

  • DirectRoute for Strategic Planning.  
    1. Jeff wants to hire a dedicated resource for this role and also be the admin over the system.  
    2. I had recommended Jeff Smith from Gold Medal.   Not sure if this position as been filled/status.  
    3. I would not focus on DR training for Phase 1 of this project.  This will come later once they have some data to use
    4. They feel as though they have a lot of branch overlap so I know this is one area they’ll want to evaluate/focus on when they do start using DR


  • Resource Calendar for daily planning at the branch level
    1. There was a lot of back and forth during the sales cycle about centralized vs. localized routing.  Harvey really wants to leverage dynamic routing but they don’t have the data (dims, etc) to support it.  We've had to talk them off the ledge a few times but they’re on board with implementing the software at the branch level first and then eventually move to a more centralized/dynamic routing approach


  • DRTrack for Dispatch & Tracking
    1. They want to leverage email/text message notifications - this will be big for them.  They want to give customer the ability to choose between 3-4 alert options:
      • Day before a delivery with estimated TW
      • 30 minutes out based on real-time data (can't do - and told them so in sales cycle)
      • After delivery is complete
      • If we are going to miss a TW by X
    2. Customer Service Portal is really important.  Want CSRs to be able to easily pull up job-site pictures
    3. Discussed creating an API so they could display current delivery status information in their own customer portal


  • D2Link & Co-Pilot
  1. They have no GPS/Telematics today.  Eventually they will want Telematics data but we were clear that D2Link was purely a mobile app.  I suspect their mobile strategy may change in the future
  2. Drivers currently use older flip phones.  They are buying new devises as part of this project.   I put Jeff in touch with Pat Casanova at DNK for recommendations on devices and mounts.  Not sure what the status is on new hardware.
  3. Need to have discussion around what, if any, forms they want to utilize.  
  4. They do want to capture pictures at delivery
  5. It doesn't sound like the new D2Link is ready yet - but it’s close.  Would be nice to start deploying the new UI
  6. BI
  7. They currently use Congnos as their in-house BI platform
  8. Will need to determine if they plan to connect to our DW
  9. We did not discuss specific KPI or reports they would want to develop



  • ERP is SAP
  • Provided Harvey the Get_Route Details and Import_Orders API docs during sales cycle as well as a sample XML call
  • They want a full web-service integration 


Roll-Out Schedule on the Contract

December - 40 Trucks

January - 80 Trucks

February - 120 Trucks

March - 163 Trucks

12 Month Term to commence once all Trucks are live.




Transfer to Support

  • Harvey Building Products orders come through DRTrack via web services. Harvey ERP system is SAP
  • Harvey DOES NOT have Direct Route. Direct Route was used during implementation to assist in uploading trucks and updating customer master.
  • Harvey only uses route calendar, does not use Route Board to build routes.
  • At one point Harvey wanted to use DRTrack for another department, wanted to use master routes and route calendar but DRTrack doesn’t work that way.
  • Harvey uses both D2link and CoPilot.
  • Harvey has 38 branches
  • Since Go Live if any Harvey team members needs support for DRTrack, D2link, CoPilot, they all reach out directly to Marty. Marty then reaches out to Jackson. Harvey will continue having all team members reach out to Marty first before TrimpleMaps support is contacted.