BUG Template

*Current Behavior*

Enter what is currently happening here. Please put as much info that you have. The more the better.

*Expected Behavior*

Enter what should happen here. Please put as much info as you have here. If you feel you need more information to fill this part out, please check with another resource before creating the ticket.

*Bug Location(s)*

Enter environment and/or pages the bug is found. EX: Routebook, UI, Algorithm, Export, Planning Screen, Route Board, RouteCalendar, etc.

*Troubleshooting Attempts*

What steps have we tried to fix the bug?


If there is a way to work around the problem, place that information here.

*Priority Explanation*

Give some insight as to why the issue is marked the way it is. I.E. is it a medium priority because the customer has a work around? Is it critical because it means a work stoppage for them?

*Additional Details*

Enter any other details such as examples, links to requirements, etc. Any criteria that might help with fixing the problem. Attach screenshots if possible. More detail is better.



Enter any details, clarifications, answers to questions, or points about implementation here. 

*Benefits to Customer*

If this is a customer requested feature, please explain why they are requesting and how this will help them.

*Additional Information*

Enter any background or references  that may help with developing the feature.