Sumo Dashboard for Tracking

PCM Support WS Dashboard - 

When SUMO indicates average latency above normal threshold (RED), refer to AWS Dashboards.

AWS Dashboards for Tracking

PCMilerWS-Prod - 

PCMWS-Request-Latency - 

SUMO Dashboard Latency is a 15-minute average, while AWS is up to the minute.

Indicators of an issue that needs investigating

  1. On PCMilerWS-Prod Dashboard - The CPU is spiking with no drops
  2. On PCMilerWS-Request-Latency - The Latency is spiking or climbing and the request count is not consistent (The orange line is going up, blue line is remaining steady)
  3. Map Tiles - Click for more details

If either of these 2 occur:

  1. Contact Vini Nair
  2. Contact Pat Leach
  3. Message Slack Channel - #server_outages

If Vini or Pat recommend a Status Site Update - CLICK HERE