After syncing a ticket between JIRA and FreshDesk (As explained in Logging issues into JIRA) the existing and new e-mail messages between support and the requester will be added to the Comments section of the JIRA ticket.

Although this is viewable for anyone with JIRA access to the ticket, this is not the best way to provide information to the Product Owner/Developer/QA, as they may not know which comment is pertinent to the issue.

For Example: A customer may ask a question about a new issue entirely (This should then be split into a new FreshDesk ticket).

When there is new information to add:

  1. Add a new Comment directly in the JIRA by clicking the Comment button at the bottom of the page
  2. Tag any individuals this information pertains to (Product Owner, Product Management, Support, Watchers, etc.)
  3. If the new information also pertains to the Steps to Reproduce or description of the initial issue, also add to the JIRA Description