1. Install SQL Server Management Studio: https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=2088649
  2. Be connected to the Princeton VPN
  3. Once installed launch and you should see a prompt for connecting to a database, please enter the following information:
    1. Server Type: Database Engine
    2. Server Name:
    3. Authentication: SQL Server Authentication
    4. Login: TeamSupport
    5. Password: Alktest123!
  4. You will see an Object Explorer on the left. Select Databases, then ALKAppLogs.
  5. Then open a new query, either with the button on the toolbar or by pressing CTRL + n
  6. Depending on what information you are trying to collect will affect what query you attempt. In almost all cases when looking for a customer specific request you will need to encode their API key from a string into a GUID to properly search the database. The method is shown below:
    1. SELECT dbo.FN_StringToGUID('API_KEY_HERE')
    2. If this fails use the following site to convert to GUID: https://robobunny.com/cgi-bin/guid
  7. Once you have this API key you can then search for customer requests as below:
    1. SELECT * FROM dbo.ALKMaps_USAGE_LOG a WHERE a.APIKey = '765CB7BB-EBCB-40E7-9E44-34E9BDBB01BA' and a.LoggedOn between '2019-05-20' and '2019-05-21'
  8. If you need the body of a request you will need to perform an inner join operation as below:
    1. SELECT a.OperationName, b.UrlQueryString from dbo.ALKMaps_USAGE_LOG a inner join dbo.ALKMaps_USAGE_LOG_URL b on b.ID = a.id WHERE a.APIKey = '765CB7BB-EBCB-40E7-9E44-34E9BDBB01BA'