If there is an after hours issue that is causing a critical issue for users for any ALK Services (Web Services, ALK Maps, web tools), use the contact information below.

NOTE: Critical issue means Outages, Severe Latency, or any other issues that are stopping users from doing business.

Primary Contacts:

ALK EmployeesAvailableService or ProductOffice phoneMobile / Cell phoneHome phonePersonal EmailFamily Member Phone
AppOps escalation contact
Sai Kiran Rathan24x7 (Chennai)Web Services/ALK Maps/web tools+91 76720443851
Charles Deng24x7Web Services/ALK Maps/web tools+1 609-270-5337+1 609-216-4717+1 609-275-5867charles.deng@gmail.com2

**Sai's new number in India should be prefixed by "011" when dialing.

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