JIRA Severity LevelFreshDesk Severity LevelProblem DescriptionTemporary Resolution if available (Business Days)
Final Resolution (Business Days)
Critical (Enterprise customers only)
Urgent (Enterprise customers only)Total impossibility for the Customer to have the Licensed Products perform on the Related System

Affects a majority (greater than 70%) of users in a multiuser (>100) estate.


a) Critical functionality is no longer available. The application(s) cannot continue because a vital feature is inoperable.

b) Customer cannot perform service delivery due to critical fault in the Licensed Products.
2 Days    10 Days
HighHighCustomer has a serious situation. It does not hinder or preclude major functionality for daily operation.


Functions of the Licensed Products are not available affecting - a majority (greater than 70%) of users in a multi user (>100) estate
15 Days30 Days
MediumMediumAn error in the Licensed Products that is not Critical or High. It is repeatable but does not prevent normal daily operation.
Within next 12 months releaseWithin next 12 months release
LowLowAs a general rule, these are situations dealing with cosmetic changes to the Software.  Small items and things thought of as “nice to have, but not essential” would be in the category.  Examples: Spelling, Translation