TMS Integration for Customization and Tight Control

Part 3 of our Best Practices is designed to help companies that are actively researching commercial truck navigation solutions as well as companies ready to successfully implement their CoPilot Truck navigation solution.

Executive Summary

Reviewing Basic and Advanced Commercial Truck Navigation

  • On average, a single truck wastes over $1,190 per year on Out-Of-Route (OoR) costs
  • Fines typically cost companies $1,000 to $40,000 per incident
  • The average cost of a crash is $265,000, if a fatality is involved $11M
  • Toll costs are increasing 3%-15% year over year
  • Traffic costs the trucking industry $50 billion annually
  • Companies who select fuel/rest stops saving 5%-10%

Tighter Control and Review

  • Implementing workflow processes eliminates driver keying errors at over 9%
  • Traffic problems, local restrictions, new construction, and new addresses account for 1M new delivery points per year
  • U.S. builds an average of 13,788 center-line miles on new roads and widening 31,217 lane-miles per year
  • 10%(58.495) of the US bridges are structurally deficient
  • Driver turnover is a staggering 102% at large truckload companies (average cost of hiring a driver is $5000) and 89% at smaller carriers
  • The trucking and transportation industry has a driver shortage of 35K-40K

Ensure that what's planned in the back office is consistent with what 's navigated, by using CoPilot FleetPortal to create and manage vehicle routing profiles that are sent directly down to CoPilot Truck. Maintain and track compliance to the navigated route with CoPilot FleetPortal and/or our Route Compliance add-on, in both real-time and post trip analysis. 

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