Essentials for Commercial Truck Navigation

Part 1 of our Best Practices is designed to help companies that are actively researching commercial truck navigation solutions as well as companies ready to successfully implement their CoPilot Truck navigation solution.

Executive Summary

Ensuring a Successful Commercial Truck Navigation Implementation

Did you know?

  • On average, a single truck wastes over $1,190 per year on Out-of-Route (OoR) costs
  • Fines typically cost companies $1,000 to $40,000 per incident
  • The average cost of a crash is $265,000, if a fatality is involved $11M2

Commercial truck navigation solutions can help to avoid these staggering costs. Proper navigation can save thousands per truck, per year, by efficiently routing drivers on safe, truck legal routes and reducing out-of-route (OoR) costs. In addition, the company saves potentially hundreds of thousands in fines by avoiding restricted roads, bridges and tunnels. Finally, although all accidents cannot be prevented, commercial truck navigation can route a driver on a safer route, helping to avoid potentially millions in insurance and legal expenses.

Correct implementation and proper configuration of truck and routing profiles with precise destinations is the key to driver acceptance and positive results for a company using a commercial truck navigation solution. Accurate profiles are critical. Sending a driver with a 24-foot straight truck on a 53-foot trailer route (which is much longer and circuitous) will damage the credibility of a new navigation solution and spread like wildfire among the rest of the drivers. By providing accurate truck dimensions and load information, profiles can be established to provide safe and efficient navigation for the best driver experience.

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