Trimble MAPS - Jira


All bugs have to be written through Jira and then linked to FreshDesk. 





Jira Creation Process


PROJECT Select appropriate project

Project NameIssues
MapSure & MapExact
ALK_MileOn (AL)
Appian.Enterprise (DRT)
Appian Routing Software Issues
CoPilot_Core (CPCGRI)
All CoPilot specific issues from all types of customers including: Professional EU, Enterprise Truck NA, and all AppStore Apps
CoPilot_Core_SingleSearch (CPCSS)
Single Search
CoPilot_Professional_Core (CPPROCO)
Trimble TL issues
HERE Map Data Issues
Direct Route (DR)
Direct Route issues
GIS_Bugs (GIS)
Map Data Issues
PC*MILER|Rail Map Data Issues
PC*MILER On-Premise
PC*MILER Rail Issues
Trimble MAPS JavaScript Platform
SWAT_CloudXchange (SWCX)
Content Tools
SWAT_FleetPortal (SWFP)
SWAT_FleetView (SWFV)
Miscellaneous (i.e. License Site)
SWAT_Operations (SWOP)
Dev Ops (i.e. Latency, Outage)
Trimble MAPS Web Services

ISSUE TYPE Select Appropriate Option



Appian Routing

[Product] -  [Summary]

D2Link - Sync Service Processing Slowly



[Customer] - [Branch Platform] - [Summary]


Microlise - R4 Enterprise Android - Menu Overlaps "Go" button

PeopleNet – 964 WinCE - Routed Down One-Way Street


[Version] – [Component] – [Summary]


PCM31 – Connect - PCMSGetFmtMatch4 not being recognized


[Data Build] – [Component] - [Summary]


NA17Q2 – Routing - Incorrect Route in downtown Atlanta, GA

COMPONENTS Select affected components

Components are unique to each Project. 

NOTE: For Routing issues that are not related to map data, please also refer to new guidelines here.



Appian Routing

Select Version


Select Branch, i.e. 820, 920, R4_Release, R6_Release, R8_Release, etc.


Select Build/Patch Version


Select Data Build


Leave as automatic


Appian Routing

            [End Customer]


US:        [Customer Number] [Partner/Integrator] – [End Customer]

              Example*: 124506 Blue Dot Solutions - Swift

             * Please copy and paste this from Netsuite. The Netsuite ID should already be listed in as the customer name in 

               Freshdesk. If not please ask Brandt to update it!

UK:        [Partner/Integrator] – [End Customer]

              Example: Microlise – ASDA


               [Customer Number] [Customer Name]

               Example: 60261 KL Harring Trucking


Refer to the Severity Definitions document and assign the appropriate priority & severity level.

Use Only: Critical; High; Medium; Low;


IF APPLICABLE (Only included in Direct Route and Appian.Enterprise projects)

Jira’s default is to automatically set the resolution to “Fixed”. Please make sure you change that to “Unresolved”


Appian Routing

     State the environment the Bug was found. I.E. customer site, QA, Production, etc…  Insert the criteria needed to fulfil the desired fix and/or goal


CoPilot: [Build Number] [Build Type]

Map Data: [Map Data Version and quarter]

SDK: [SDK Version]

Device: [Hardware]

OS: [OS]

Example: Generic Enterprise / 2016_Q3 PAN EU / SDK / Samsung Galaxy Active Tab using Android 6.0. (Marshmallow)

CoPilot: Generic Enterprise

Map Data: 2016_Q3 PAN EU


Device: Samsung Galaxy Active Tab

OS: Android 6.0. (Marshmallow)



Enter information from Help>About in UI:

Software Version: (Rev. 405446)

Data Version: GRD_ALK.NA.2017.


  • A brief description of the issue, including all important details.
  • Expected behavior.
  • Any notes that might be useful, i.e. indication that screenshots have been attached.
  • If applicable, last known version with correct behavior.
  • Troubleshooting already attempted.

Unless you cannot fully reproduce the issue, or you do not know which steps you have to follow in order to reproduce it, you will always have to add steps. Also, make sure to be as specific as possible. REMEMBER: You are not the only person working on this Jira and it will probably remain in the system for several months (if not years).

Templates for Bugs and New Features can be found HERE.


IF APPLICABLE (Only included in Direct Route and Appian.Enterprise projects)


Please list, in detail, the steps to reproduce the bug so anyone can recreate.  This is important for Dev’s to find the issue and for QA to be able to write an accurate test case to the issue.

***If opening a DRTrack ticket please include the Branch, URL and any other pertinent information.


Use if applicable. Developers love screen shots! Additionally, you can also add a short video. Be aware though, Jira has a limit for file sizes.  

LABELS Select appropriate label

NOTE: Labels are case sensitive.

Open-Call                            Identifies that the Support Call is open

Closed-Call                          Identifies that the Support Call is closed

QA-MTP                               Identifies that the issue should be added to the QA Master Test Plan

Localisation                         Identifies that the issue is related to localization

Documentation-Review      Identifies that PM has to update our documentation

HERE                                    Identifies that the issue is with our purchased HERE data set. 

RawData                               Identifies that the issue is with the raw data, which we received from HERE or GIS 


REPORTING SOURCE Identifies where the issue came from.

External – Reported by a Partner/Integrator or Customer

Internal – Discovered during internal testing or personal use



NOTE: If you select the Delete Issue button within FreshDesk, the ticket will be deleted from JIRA as well.

NOTE:  When a JIRA is linked to a lengthy existing Freshdesk, each "conversation" is appended as a discrete comment. Each one generates a notfication, so this will SPAM the users that are watching the case and also the detail appended in the comments gets collapsed after more than 6 or so, so it could be "lost" in the volume.

To avoid this, use a Tracker Ticket in FreshDesk as your JIRA link when there are a high number of replies in the FreshDesk ticket that are not required in JIRA.


Sample Jiras

Customer / Generic Jira

This issue was found while assisting a customer with the creation of a customer_features.xml. Nevertheless, it is not exclusive to the branch, but impacts all R8 builds. Mentioning “Android Generic Enterprise” would therefore not have been accurate.

The description contains:  

  • A very brief explanation of the issue
  • Test results
  • The expected behavior

Attach a screenshot if possible and highlight the area of interest. You can use Paint, Snipping Tool, Snagit, or similar. See the Jira in order to view the attached screenshot to the bug.

Map Data Related Jira

Please NOTE: This sample is for a specific location that I thought was missing information. If the map data shows the wrong road name, or similar provide the following information within the Description:

  • Explanation of the issue with the location
  • Coordinates of Starting Point
  • Coordinates of Destination
  • Coordinates of the specific location
  • Expected Result, i.e. POI name has changed to [insert name]
  • STEPS TO REPRODUCE (if applicable)

Lables that need adding: HERE (for all HERE data related issues) and if the issue is also in the HERE data (confirmed through their homepage) add the label RawData

Add screenshots from Google Maps, Advisr, or Editor and highlight the area of interest. You can use Paint, Snipping Tool, Snagit, or similar.

Jira for Internal Tools

Mention that the Jira is an internal tool. You will also have to add “Document-Review” as the label if the fix will result in a change of the tool.

The Description has to contain:

  • A very brief explanation of the issue
  • The expected behavior


  • Screenshot and/or video
  • Installation file of the Tool
  • Files you need to reproduce the issue, i.e. png, input file, etc.    

Customer Specific Jira

“Affected Version and “Components” should have been added!


  • A very brief explanation of the issue
  • Test results
  • The expected behavior
  • NOTE: If you cannot provide “Steps to Reproduce” leave a note!   

Attach a screenshot and highlight the area of interest. You can use Paint, Snipping Tool, Snagit, or similar. See the Jira in order to view the attached screenshot to the bug.

If you find other issues that are related to your issue, LINK them! Try to keep Jira as user-friendly as possible.

If you realize that the originally reported issue, is not the actual issue, create a Sub-Task instead of adding all the information to the Comment section.

Generic Build Improvement

Select “Improvement” as “Issue Type”




  • Brief explanation of the current behavior
  • Preferred behavior or Suggestions
  • If necessary, an explanation why you want to see the change
  • If you have Steps to Reproduce, add them. If you do not, leave a note.    


Attach a screenshot and highlight the area of interest. You can use Paint, Snipping Tool, Snagit, or similar. See the Jira in order to view the attached screenshot to the bug.


LINK the Improvement Jira if necessary!